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BUCKLEBEAR® Costume and Robot



BUCKLEBEAR suits up for safety, and safety suits BUCKLEBEAR just fine!

The BUCKLEBEAR life-size suit is used by organizations nationwide to help motivate children, parents and caregivers to be safe. Users include health and safety agencies, educators/advocates, police, EMS, civic organizations, 4-H, Extension Services, individual volunteers and more.

In addition to the dramatic impact this suit brings to events and special activities, BUCKLEBEAR offers a wide variety of educational materials and programs covering passenger safety, pedestrian safety, cycling safety/helmet use and environmental issues.

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the BUCKLEBEAR costume:

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When you make BUCKLEBEAR part of your team, you get much more than just another "nice costume." You get an injury prevention program that has been proven to work.


Costume Design
The BUCKLEBEAR character body suit comes complete with attached feet, a body-shaping “pod” (white foam-filled body suit worn beneath the costume), and a light-weight molded plastic head. The BUCKLEBEAR suit always has the same shape no matter who is wearing it.

The BUCKLEBEAR suit comes with height-adjustable velcro to fit most wearers.

Better Cooling
Two fans and Improved thermal design allow air to follow a natural path up and out the top of the molded head. One fan pulls air through the nose and mouth to pass gently around the face. A second fan pushes air out of the costume head through the ears. A battery pack and charger are included to power the cooling system fans.

Improved Vision
The BUCKLEBEAR suit head features eyes made of durable one-way Plexiglas, and the nose and mouth openings are covered with painted screens. Users have enhanced visibility for safety and interaction with children.

The BUCKLEBEAR suit is assembled to the highest standards and quality-inspected.

The BUCKLEBEAR suit comes with height-adjustable velcro to fit most wearers.

BUCKLEBEAR Suit — including two fans with battery pack, charger and Body Pod  ---  $2925.00
Kool Down Kit — STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!  Everything needed to stay cool in one convenient package:
   Kold Vest with ice gel inserts
   Kold Kollar
   Insulated carry bag
 ---  298.00
Shipping within the contiguous 48 states  ---  85.00

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BUCKLEBEAR & his customized cruiser are exciting tools for presenting seat belt and safety seat usage to children and adults.

A fully animated bear and car robot, BUCKLEBEAR moves, speaks, listens, plays audio cassette tapes, and winks and blinks — all by remote control. When BUCKLEBEAR talks, his mouth moves in synchronization with his words.

The BUCKLEBEAR Robot is just the right size for teaching children, because he can communicate with them at their level. With BUCKLEBEAR's friendly face, he presents a positive image to all while he steers his car around the room. His headlights, taillights and warning lights make him highly visible in classrooms and at community events.

Touch BUCKLEBEAR's red police light
with your mouse and
see it flash on and off!

Click HERE for a Larger view of ROBOT BUCKLEBEAR!

For more information, please call 801-489-4466 Ext.2, or e-mail us.


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